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About Stock Profit Maker

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We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to take you through the benefits associated with our products. We are confident that our services will help you in your business and will greatly benefit your organization by reducing both turnaround times and costs that are associated with promotion.

About BulkSMSinRajkot.com

  • Fastest Growing Marketing site in Rajkot
  • Fresh & Active Database of 54 carore+ pan India
  • 1300+ Satisfied clients using our services
  • Live DND & Duplicate Filter on the site
  • Instant Delivery System
  • 100 % Fast Server
  • Aggressive Advertisement across Media forms to consistently attract new clients to the site
  • Cost Effective Advertising & Branding Solutions
  • Being part of The Metro Services Group, BulkSMSinRajkot leverages the reach and resources of media across the country and is committed to the Indian Businessman and the recruiter. Being the only large and organized player in D-Marketing and thanks to highly successful awareness campaigns, we have become the fastest growing Business Promotion site in the country today!

About SMS Access Service

  • Access to 54 crore Fresh & Active Database of Local Public
  • Access to your Clients across locations
  • A Targeted Search for your preferred Clients, helps avoid junk
  • Instant way of Promotion
  • Single User login facility
  • Focus Your End Users only
  • 90% database Unique from Competition in India

Complete SMS / Database Access

Get the power to proactively select the most focussed public for your service. Opt for the Complete Database and reach over 54 crore  active public across the country.

More Choice More Precision
Now you don’t have to wait for candidates to find you. Get access to the most active database. Our robust search engine help you automatically filter through millions of Contact details, quickly zero in on the best people for your !